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Welcome to Guild of Thrones

Thank you for visiting our website.

Guild of Thrones is a horde guild situated on the European: Terenas server.

We are currently 6/7 in Firelands, having achieved 4/7 pre-nerf.

This is an English-speaking guild that currently has members from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and more.

We are also a guild that tries to do more than just raiding. For those that like PvP, we have a number of Arena teams. For those that enjoy the social part of the game, we organise fun events - in the past we have participated in a Mount Race and a Treasure Hunt.

We are a guild that promotes helping each other - taking the time to help guild members in need is rewarded.
Guild of Thrones does not have any age restrictions, but a certain level of maturity is required.
And finally, we have all the systems you would expect from a raiding guild (forums, Ventrilo server, etc.)

If you are interested in joining Guild of Thrones, please click the 'Apply to Guild of Thrones' link above.

Thanks for reading this, and enjoy your time in WoW.

Other Guild News


Kuar_, Nov 1, 11 8:17 PM.
We killed Raggy... Well done everyone who helped and hopefully even though we couldn't bring all of our raiders to this kill, now that they all have experience on him we'll get him down on Wednesday as well :)

Mojordomo and Alysrazor down :)

Kuar_, Sep 21, 11 5:27 PM.

Baleroc Down =)

Kuar_, Sep 19, 11 2:42 PM.
Finally 4/7! Pre nerf as well (;
Recruitment Info    
Gear ready for 10 man Cataclysm raiding is required, if you have any questions regarding this standard please speak to an officer in game.

Please also be aware that applications must be answered honestly, anyone caught lying will be immediately removed from the guild, even after you have passed your trial.

If you have a matter that needs to be dealt with by an Officer, or just wish to gain more information about Guild of Thrones, please contact one of the following:

Guild Leader

  • Kuar
Guild 2nds
  • Misji
  • Oomin
Guild Officers
  • Artery
  • Ggfy
  • Aeshan
  • Jenzki
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